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The Musicians' Referral Service connects you, the talent buyer, with available musicians for your special event. Whether you are looking for a solo pianist or an 80-piece orchestra, we can refer you to the perfect musician(s) for the job.

Let us help you make sure your special event is a huge success! Never hired a band before? No worries. The Musicians' Referral Service makes planning the music for your event a breeze. Along with connecting you directly to the right musicians, we'll show you how to go about hiring them. Click here to download "Hiring Live Music: A Beginner's Guide"

Inside this comprehensive guide, the first-time talent buyer will find "To Be Considered" questions and information concerning your needs and responsibilities of hiring a soloist or band for your engagement. You will also find "The Interview" - topics you'll need to discuss when talking with the bandleader or soloist.

This service is FREE! Just give us a call or submit your request now!


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