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Before you join

If you are a professional musician and serious about your music career, you already know that having Union membership is a smart decision. If you are not sure if this is the right place for you, feel free to check out the New Member's Handbook, "Taking Care of the Business of Your Music". For even more information, visit the American Federation of Musicians' website.

Joining the Union
Professional musicians, vocalists, dancers and those who render musical services are welcome to join Local 7. No audition is required. Simply complete the application forms, remit the appropriate fees and attend the New Member Orientation.

The Application - Complete the application and musical profile forms

In order to receive the best possible service, we'll need to know a little about you.

On the Application, you'll let us know your contact information, the instrument(s) you play, etc. Be sure to sign in both places indicated. On this form you agree to uphold the standards the members have set for themselves and to abide by these guidelines.

On the Individual Profile, you'll let us know what you specialize in, the style(s) you perform, your professional experience, and your current availability.

Download the Application (PDF file).

Download the Individual Profile (PDF file)

Dues - 2020 Annual dues are $205 or semi-annual payments are $109.50

For new members, the minimum cost to join is only $224.50
This includes a one-time $115 initiation fee and $109.50 for 2 calendar quarters of membership.

For current AFM members, the cost is only $159.50
This includes $50 Local initiation and $109.50 for 2 calendar quarters of membership.

Working members are also required to pay Work Dues, the Local's other source of revenue. For each job performed, a small percentage of the minimum scale is paid to the Local - 3% for live performances and 4.5% for recordings.

Dues Information:

Membership Dues:
Regular Members
2020 Annual Payment $205.00
2020 Semi-Annual Payments $109.50
Life Members
2020 Annual Payment $85.00

Local Initiation Fee (LIF) $50.00
Federation Initiation Fee (FIF) $65.00
Late Fees on Membership Dues Payments $5.00 (Per month)

Work Dues: (for work done in Orange County)
Percentage of Scale Wages
Live Performances 3.0%
Electronic Media 4.5%
MPTF jobs 5.0%

Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change. Please call office with any questions.

Submit your Application & Fees

You can mail your application, along with the appropriate fees to:
Membership Department
Local 7, American Federation of Musicians
2050 South Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92707

You can also submit your application in person or email it to Our office hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are located between Warner and Edinger Avenues in Santa Ana, 1 mile West of the 55 freeway. Feel free to call the office for exact directions.

Cash, checks or money orders are accepted. Options to pay online or over the phone also available. Call the office for more information.

New Member Orientation

As a new member of the Union, it is important that you get the most out of your membership. After attending the required New Member Orientation, we're confident you'll have ample knowledge of all the services offered to you and understand your responsibilities as a member of the AFM.

Attendance to the Orientation is not required if you are a new Local 7 member who already belongs to another Local of the AFM, but you are more than welcome to attend!

The meetings are usually held at the Local 7 offices in Santa Ana on the 3rd Monday of each month at 2:30 pm. Call now to reserve your spot! (714) 546-8166


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about joining this Local. Feel free to contact us by phone at (714) 546-8166 or by email.


Orange County Musicians' Association Local 7, American Federation of Musicians,
2050 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92707 (714) 546-8166