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COVID-19 Relief Fund for Local 7 Members
Ideally we would choose provide assistance to everyone, however our finances are very limited. Grants are available to current Local 7 members, on a case-by-case basis, in the order the applications are received. Thank you for your understanding.

Local 7 Cares. Do you need help? Need to talk? We are here for you.

Early Retirement FAQs about the AFM-EPF

Per AFM's authorization, a resolution was passed to help members during the COVID-19 emergency

For help filing a UI claim for unemployment and under the PUA and PPP programs

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PUA VIDEO for help filing a UI claim for unemployment under the PUA program


COVID-19 Relief Organizations for Musicians affected by the current crisis

Food Distribution locations - AAVA Dental help


Orange County Musicians' Association Local 7, American Federation of Musicians,
2050 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92707 (714) 546-8166