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AFM Local 7 Member Benefits/Services


The Local 7 rehearsal hall is free and available to all members in good standing. The facility can accommodate a full 80-piece orchestra and is furnished with a studio grand piano, speakers, podium, risers, music stands, tables and chairs. (No P.A.)

Reservations for 3-4 hour blocks of time are taken M-F, 10-5pm. The hall is available days & evenings, seven days a week. For rehearsals taking place in the evenings or weekends, you need to come by the offices and check out the rehearsal hall key.

Groups comprising of less than a majority of Union members can use the hall once a month. Bands with over 50% Union members can reserve the hall more than once a month.


Orange County Musicians' Association Local 7, American Federation of Musicians,
2050 South Main Street, Santa Ana, California 92707 (714) 546-8166